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Web development is our passion. What's yours ?

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We are a professional team of developers

We are always eager and ready to help you implement your most ambitious ideas.

Why us ?

Every idea has the right to live. We invest our time into understanding of your idea or business to effectively build up the process of development. NINJADEV will become your reliable partner and will help you to get the result.

Our team

Our team is quite flexible. We like to effectively solve difficult tasks. We approach every project personally both, in planning and choosing the best tools for solving the objectives. Our clients have an opportunity to freely communicate with each member of the team to insure the most productive feedback.

Our major skills

  • Web development. Skills: PHP | Symfony2/3 | WordPress | Nodejs | AngularJs | React | Redis | Resque
  • Adaptive layout. Skills: bootstrap
  • Tests: TDD, CI(codeship.com), PHP Unit, Behat, Karma
  • Databases: Mysql, MongoDB
  • Workflow: Github , Heroku stack
  • Managing projects. Customer support from the idea stage to a finished product.

How the standard workflow looks like ?

  • we have a private github repository per project. It is a center to which all other services are connected. (We use rebase-merge git-flow. Every task is a separate pull request, every pull request is reviewed before being merged)
  • for development reasons we always connect to github and configure the server on heroku with automated possibility to create a separate instance for each pull request to test it before merge
  • also we always have CI server (usually codeship) connected to the repository in order to run tests on each commit for every Pull Request.
  • for error and exceptions tracking we use Rollbar
  • we use Slack as a communication tool, all our integrations are configured to send notifications into appropriate slack’s rooms

How the process looks for our clients ?

  • Discuss the project with the client, describe tasks, understand goals
  • Our CTO review the project to detect and find solutions for main technical problems, solve them, explain to our developers the best ways to implement them.
  • Task planning (iterations), assign tasks to developers (usually trello)
  • Work on iteration, write automation tests
  • Once a task is marked as done, our project management checks it to make sure that it works well and as expected before to close it
  • Show the new, ready to use feature to the client